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The goal of an Eco/Tox assessment is to help folks understand the chemicals in their environment. Children are significantly more impacted by chemicals in the environment than adults, due to possible effects during vital growing years. According to EPA 80-90% of people, when asked if they are using a chemical said no, when actually they are! The Eco/Tox assessment addresses air, water, textiles, agricultural and common household products that are potentially dangerous to you and your family’s health.

If you or your child are experiencing:

• Missed or Delayed Milestones
• Chronic Mucus Drainage
• Speech and Language Difficulties
• Asthma/Allergies
• Learning Challenges
• Chronic Stuffy Nose
• Eczema
• Obesity
• Snoring
• Sleep Disorder

Children’s environments are very different than the environment their parents grew up in and even far more different than the environment their grandparents grew up in. It is challenging for parents and guardians due to current marketing strategies. An Eco/Tox Assessment teaches about product labels, because what is legal is not always healthy for children.

• Are you aware of the number of chemicals you or your child come into contact with on a daily basis?

• Do you know all the different databases that feature chemicals and their health effects?

• Are you familiar with the marketing strategies of chemicals that are not featured on the ingredient lists?

• Are you familiar with chemicals and the different health problems most commonly reported by consumers?

Let us help you walk through this process with step by step instructions and education.

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